14 Kasım 2010 Pazar

Sokak Savaşa Karşı

4 Şehir / 294 Duvar / 2930 km Yol : Tek Animasyon
Türkiye'de sokaklar teröre ve savaşa karşı !

4 Cities / 294 Walls /2930 km Road : One Animation
in Turkey Streets against the terror and war ! 

2 yorum:

  1. great movie, really. loved it and your whole project. just posted about it on my own blog!!

  2. i love your video! i am editing a 15' documentary to a brazilian educational TV about wikileaks + freedom of speech + movements from the internet to the street and i am using some videos online in the editing... and i would love to use your video, playing in the browser of vimeo... to do that, i need your authorization... can I use it? hope the answer is yes.... because it's totally fantastic. my email is elizacapai@gmail.com and my webpage is elizacapai.com
    unfortunately i have to finalize the edit this week... so if can answer me as soon as possible, i would really appreciate that! all the best, eliza